Rhodium is deemed one of the most expensive metals and is rarer than gold and silver integrated. They are found after being isolated from platinum. They are a glittery and crisp reflective metal that is silvery white in color and corrosion resistant as well. These features make them perfect for jewelry and enhancing the investment portfolio as well. As this metal is available in rarest quantity within the nickel or platinum, it is quite difficult to mine rhodium. The largest mine is situated in South Africa that produces around 20 tons of rhodium or 80 percent of the world supply annually. Researchers claim that this average value of rhodium is six times more than that of gold. The higher the value and lower the global supply makes the rhodium coins more precious among others. And because of these very features, many people love collecting the famous and rare Coins made of rhodium too. We have listed a few of them.

  1. 2016 5 pound Silver UNESCO

Albeit this coin only consists of a trace amount of black rhodium in it, but it is still considered the rarest one.

  1. 2014 to 2017 Cooks Island Predator Prey Collection

This bears the 4 coin set of a yin and yang design that showcases a predator that matches up with its prey. It signifies balance that is showcased by the magnificent design that is plated in black rhodium.

  1. 5 pound Silver UNESCO

It only has a trace amount of rhodium that showcases the words “Republique Française”. It is deemed a gorgeous coin as it has the presence of precious metals in it.

  1. Cook Islands 3-Coin Silver Desert Heat Scarab Set

Albeit, only a single coin in this set bears the precious rhodium, this coin set is still deemed renowned and is also priced expensive. The Red Dawn coin bears a single black rhodium scarab on the reverse that is showcased by holding up the red sun which is portrayed by a sole SWAROVSKI crystal in red.

Rhodium is considerably referred to as a precious metal that has a long standing trail in history when it comes to jewelry, bullion and coin making among many other uses. If you want to know more about rhodium and the coins listed above, or if you want to expand your collection by buying some of the rarest coin collection set, or if you have something precious to sell away to us, visit our website today!